A freewheel trusted by many trials riders because of its strength and reliability.

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Since 2011, the SL freewheels have been made of titanium. The TR 108 points freewheel are no longer being plated, therefore, it is will be black now. The previous 72 points freewheel will no longer be produced. The gear ratio of trials bikes is lower than others but its torque is high. This is one of the most important characteristics of trails bikes. In such case, a perfect transmission system is essential. For expert riders, a 108 points freewheel is a must have part for their bikes. We use the highest strength materials to produce every part of the freewheel and to ensure the strength and reliability from the foundation.

  • 108 match points, by 9 pawls. 3 pawls for one match point
  • Specially designed springs, almost never skips. It’s much louder than other freewheels
  • Titanium base & cap, 143g
  • Available with splined or threaded base