Name: Andrei Burton
Lives: Exeter, Devon, UK
Years Riding: 14

Bike you are currently riding:
Echo SL Mark III 26″ and ECHO SL 20″

Top Results:
BIU World Number 3, BIU European Indoor Vice Champion, British Championship Winner, UCI Top 10 world competitor, UCI Double world finalist 2013 (20″ and 26″). EssexBiketrial Club Champion, Hampshire Biketrial Club champion, South West Biketrials Champion. Three times Guinness World Record Holder.

What do you do when your not competing? I ride many shows through the year at all kinds of events. I pioneered Educational shows in the Uk and started touring schools promoting cycling and healthy living back in 2006. Since then my shows have grown and I now have a fleet of vans and several riders doing demonstartions both with me and for me. Most noteably over the last three years I have been riding with Top Gear Live in shows around the world in a unique show. Also I know run a big anual trials contest in the heart of London as part of the biggest cycling event in Europe, Ride London.

What are your ambitions? I would like to take competitive trials riding to a new crowd and new hights, getting the sport recognised for what it truely is, one of the most challenging and athletic sports there is, the ultimate form of cycling. And also to take my shows to bigger crowds and reate new ideas for entertainment. I would also like to continue travelling around the world and use this to inspire new riders and people from all around the world to get onto a trials bike, or at least live an active lifestyle.
Do you have any pets? Yes, I have some Bearded Dragons and a 6 foot long Cuban Red Iguana called Django. Littel unusual but I have kept reptiles since I was 8 years old.

What do you think of the Echo that you ride? I can honestly say it is the best bike I have ever ridden. Last year I was on the GU which is a great bike and I felt like my riding improved allot on it, but with the echo I seem to have more control and a great feeling on the bike. It may be because I am a little shorter (5’11”) so the GU is a bit more of a reach. Its really light and super stiff so I can get allot of power through the bike. I have already broken two world records on it and I hope to break more.

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