Name: Karol Serwin
Age: 28 yrs old
Lives: Warsaw ( Poland)
Years riding: 18
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 87 kg

Bike: Echo SL Mark III 20″

Top results: 
Wice World Champion Cadet BIU, Wice World Champion Junior UCI, 12-times Champion of Poland, 7th in UCI European Championships, 10 times in the UCI World Cup finals.

Other interests/hobbies: 
Im intrested in strenght and functional training. I work as a personal trainer in the gym. Also Im interested in basketball and NBA legueI really like to cook and listening a bit of music.

My ambitions: 
When I was 9 years old, I said in the interview for the newspaper that I will be a World Champion. I war really close, in 2005 I have same points in Junior World Championships, but I lost by less 2 points sections. For me it was like first place, but still im my head is the same Ide a, to train as hard a I can and to try to be the best. Jurney to this destination gives me lot of happiness.

What do you think of Echo and Zoo bikes: 
I think it the highest level of trial bikes. You can have really light and stiff bike, perfect to jump higher and to compete. Its also not so expensive like other bike companys. Every year you can have new parts and the technological development is impressive

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