Name: Thomas Remvik Aasen ( 31 ) aka TRA
Country: Norway (Bergen)
Started riding trials: 2000

10 years time the best Norwegian rider .
Became famous throughout the world within the sport as an avid video/photo maker. TRA made his own name by filming himself and realeasing a lot of videos over the years.
The main reason for his interest in videos were quite simple, TRA was a lone rider, with no one to ride with or learn from. He started filming to be able to push himself to newer heights, as he didn’t have anyone to help him with that. TRA is most known to be able to do the biggest possible moves that can be done on a bike trials bike, with 157 cm sidehop and 3.20m+ static gap. This is not easy to beat by anyone.

These days his riding are not as often and will be focusing more on bringing quality and innovation to videos and photos, as since his job is film and TV production. No one can do this better then him.

Bikes: Main bike is 26″ ECHO , while he uses a 24″ ECHO sometimes for special moves in his videos, its been set up to be a funbike, not a competition bike. He also is riding a 20″ ECHO when he wants to ride something different, also he believes changing wheelsizes can sometimes be a good thing for the skill level .

Gravity? No Respect!